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Sunroof failed

OK, I have researhed the forum and most of the threads discussed the possible cause of the sunroof failure. I am sure my problem is caused by all of the causes mentioned. But how do I get the headliner removed to get to the mechanism? I don't want to fix it so it can be opened and closed. I just want it closed. My sunroof failed yesterday, it open half way and stopped. It will not go back to close position, and I can hear and see the motor runs (in the trunk). I tried to manually close the roof but it won't move an inch. The car is a '87 300E with 300K on the clock. I have other things to fix before I spent $$$ on the roof, so I just want it closed before it rains. Please help.

BTW, I pulled the roof from inside the car and it is now two inches from completely closed. But water will still come in if it rains.
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