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Unhappy really messed up my car this time...

Alright, I need some serious help here...
1988 300E
Last Thursday I took all of my seats out to dye them over the weekend. I finished painting and put the two front seats in yesterday. The passenger seat went in fine and all of the seat movements worked. When I put the drivers seat in, i tried to move the seat back, but it only would go in one direction on all of the switches. I then unplugged everything then plugged it all back in and now NOTHING works. I tried this several more times to no avail. Eventually I just got frustrated and gave up. So I am trying to fix it again today but I'm not having much luck.

So far I've replaced the two front seat adjustment fuses. I then hooked up my multimeter to one of the motors and I did not see a change in dc voltage when I used the switch. So then I figured it must either be the switch or the unit underneath the seat that activates the motors. To figure this out, I swapped the passenger and driver switches and tried them both, but neither seat worked. So I put the switches back where they came from but I still can't get either seat to work.

My next option was that maybe the car didn't know that my door was open and so the seat wasn't moving. I tried to start my car, but now it won't start. Panicked, I tried to turn on the lights, but THEY DONT WORK EITHER!!! ARGHHH

I just checked and my clock stopped about twenty mintues ago when I did all of this.

If you have any ideas, please let me know because I want/need my car back.

Thanks in advance.
1988 420sel
1988 300e
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