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These cars are sensitive to out-of-round tires so have them note that when they are balancing.

Also, if the problem is different under load versus no load coasting down, it could be drive shaft center mount / bearing.

Inspect your engine mounts and tranny mount. When start / stop the engine watch for big movements side/side indicating mounts. Grab the engine when it's off and rock it side/side - freeplay is mounts.

Both driveshaft and engine mounts manifest as steering wheel shimmy, that you can also feel on your backside a bit.. The whole car is shaking.

What you need to do when you pull one bolt out of the steering dampner is try moving that shock back and forth. It should have immediate resistance in both directions, no dead spot, no free play for any length of travel.

The 9700 designates a Hunter brand, very good balancing device.
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