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Originally Posted by Diesel911 View Post
It is made over there some place. However, that is not my picture. It is a picture either from one of the Members who did a write up on it (I think it is part of the DIY) or from one of the eBay Sellers that Sells them.

Another thought on China or other imported tools is that the Tube Ball Joint Installer was a good idea. I have seen some inovative tools from that area of the world; despite the quality issue.

Besides, eBay there is 2 other internet selles. But, the cost more from them.

Unfortunatly look at the choices:
Buy the $99 tube type ball joint installer and you need to have a Hydraulic press or take it someplace and have the Ball Joint pressed in.

Pay the $300+ (or use our too rental program) for the correct tool

Just pay a shop to install the Ball Joints

Atempt to do the job with the Generic Ball Joint Press. The good news here is that places like Auto Zone rent it for free as long as you return it to them. So if it does not work and no damage is done you have only lost some time.
I'm going to try it with the generic press like deliveryvalve. I don't see why it wouldn't work. I think I might do a little practice with the old ball joint, the new one won't be here til monday anyway. A question on the wheel hub: do I need to replace that seal? I think I do, but just making sure.
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