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Originally Posted by JEBalles View Post
I'm going to try it with the generic press like deliveryvalve. I don't see why it wouldn't work. I think I might do a little practice with the old ball joint, the new one won't be here til monday anyway. .....
Make sure the press is not going to put pressure on the parts towards the middle past the out lip. If it will, then you will then certainly deform the joint and I would suggest finding another solution.

Originally Posted by JEBalles View Post
A question on the wheel hub: do I need to replace that seal? I think I do, but just making sure
You do not have to replace the seal on the hub if you are not going to re-pack the bearings and they are not harden and cracked. But if you do re-pack them, then most likely you'll need new ones as they can get tweaked and not be reusable when removed.

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