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Unhappy 87 190e will not turn over

Electrical is not my strong suit here, but I suspect that's what I'm dealing with...

1987 190e 2.3 will not turn over, but the fuel injector clicks for a few seconds when turning the key. No clicking from the solonoid.

The battery is good and I tried a jump start.

The fuse on the overvoltage relay is good, as are all other fuses.

I'm not sure if this is related, but I noticed several days before it would not start, the heater was always blowing hot air on low, even when the heater/blower was set to cool/off.

Also, a couple days before it would not turn over, the fuel gauge and the temp gauge simultaniously stopped working.

I'm glad I discovered this forum, I've found a lot of great advise while browsing, but nothing on this problem.

Thanks for any help, James
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