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I probably sit about an inch higher but the seat is set so that the electric motors just clear the carpet on the cross member under the seats. (the cross member is a real PITA). I pulled them from the portland LKQ yard for $60 for both - full electric movement, seat heaters and even the head rests are adjustable electrically - lots of stuff to break

I just welded up a 3mm x 50mm frame (the original runners on the mercedes are only a mm or so) and bolted it to the original holes using the original bolts. I also used grade 8 bolts to bolt down the seats to the new frames.

I just love them, but there again my car is not exactly a spec show car so i dont mind modifying it a bit. I can send you some pics if you are interested, it may take a bit of time though as I am not home a lot at the moment
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