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Post 93 300E 2.8 water pump replacement

I did the searches and read benzmacs posts and the many other posts and saw the snap on tool i need

Question i have ,some have stated that all i need to do is remove the tensioner shock to get access to that lf bottom bolt remove the hoses and sensor wires , and looking at this it seems true , i have a solid steel tube that runs across the front of the head which connects to a rubber hose to the tank (may be mistaken to where this goes) How is that tube removed or does it come out with the pump

I am posting this because i am thinking that the 93 2.8 is a bit different than the earlier years that i have read instructions on.and the manuals i have looked at so far are general in nature that they are for 85-95 , i really need to get my hands on the actual shop manual for this year and model.

any help appreciated on someone that has done this on a 93 and up 300e

thanks and sorry for the repost
1985 190 2.3
1993 300e 2.8
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