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When did r134a first show up in W124's?

This has been discussed before, but there is always confusion about when r134a first appeared in W124's.

It is usually posted that it first arrived in 94/95 when the badging was changed to E320/E420/E500, etc., but my 1993 300E (see my signature below) came from the factory with 134a. This is really not surprising as 1993 300E's share the same chasis #, VIN #, and engine # as 94-95's. Because of this, I assumed that r134a therefore arrived in 1993.

However, I've seen three 1992 500E's, and all of them came from the factory with r134a.

I was wondering if 1992 500E's were the only W124's to come with r134a, or if 1992 400E's also came with r134a. I do know that 1992 300E's did not.
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