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Angry 300 ce intermed. miss

quick run down. 92 300ce wife blew bypass hose under intake and overheated blowing the head gasket. Sent head out, new guides seals and valve job. While I had the top apart did timing chain. Also new cap and rotor. Put car back together and it ran better then ever. After one week car developed a dead miss on cylinder #3. rang out wire (all under 2 ohms) changed plugs (only 1 wk old) still missed. Did compression test thought maybe a guide slipped and was holding valve open...160 all cylinder. removed all injectors and had them test and cleaned removed fuel regulator for testing. Was told the regulator was holding pressure and popping open around 80 lbs but an exact pressure was unknown. Put it all back together changed fuel filter and now the miss is intermittent. On the highway I can feel the cylinder come to life and now sometimes it will idel without missing. I also put in techtronic (some sort of supper duper fuel system cleaner) I've been advised to run the tank of gas w/cleaner and see if miss works it self out. I dont have much faith in quick fixes from a can..... any advise would sure be welcomed.. thanks for reading thru my saga and a great 4th of July to all !!! ed
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