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Originally Posted by Squiggle Dog View Post
I don't want to sell them, but it is a hard balance for me to have a car and pay my other bills. It's really not much more expensive than owning any other make of car (and much cheaper than car payments on something new). I just need a better job, is all. But, I am taking time after work to try to pursue a career in art and music. I used to draw and play music a lot and I've come to the realization that I need to make a career out of them because I don't have a future in the job field.
Well, I hope you can hang on to them. Good Finnies are hard to find.
A few years ago, I drove a very rusty '60 220S for awhile. After a few minor repairs (motor mounts, brake adjustment & hoses), and I got used to the manual-steering and drum-brakes, it was an awesome car to drive. And I really enjoyed the column-shift again.
(How I learned to drive a stick on my first Ponton 180, back in the early '70s).
My Finnie left me with a good idea of how nice one of these must have been when new.

Happy Motoring, Mark
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