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Originally Posted by RadioTek View Post
I would have to seriously reinforce those frames if I were to try something like that. I have what could be kindly referred to as "a lot of lead in my butt". Do you think there is enough room for some gussets and other extra reinforcing metal in there?

A couple of JunqueYahd seats for less than a Benjamin would be a lot less than getting the existing reupholstered (was quoted $2600.00 at one place). The power adjustment would be more than just an added bonus.

I would probably have to permanently eject the rugrat, even. He thinks that it's his car, but seems to have no appreciation for it. Admittedly, the interior is pretty rough and the paint is in bad shape, but there's little rust and I've got the engine running pretty nicely.

I suspect an IPO (Idiot Previous Owner) left it outside with the top down in some rather inclement conditions. My primary suspect is an Insurance agent in Georgia, from what I can gather from various pieces of paper found under the seats.

Rugrat thinks that every vehicle shoud have either a supercharger or a nitrous system, if not both. The magazines he reads have scantily clad models and modified Japanese cars on the covers, with names like Impact Tuner, Hot Ricers, and Chrome Thingys. His favorite words are "I want xxxxx" which I tend to reply with "Get a job."
If you really wanted custom made seats for about half of what you were quoted, I know a guy who does them, by referral only. Because you are on this forum, I would consider referring you. Yes, I'm in Mich and you're in Arizona, but the cash you save would make it worth it.

Send the two seats as four parts and then the next thing is reviewing samples and providing a down payment.

My friend Jim is finishing the leather job on his packard which should be done by January 10.

Let me know if you are serious.

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