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Unhappy 97 E 420 Electrical Problems

I have a 97 E 420 and am having multiple problems with the electrical system. With the engine on the following items go dead windows, door locks, sunroof, hazard, electrical seats they work fine with the engine off and the ignition in the accs position but the minute the ingnition swith cranks up the engine all items go dead. Along with this problem the A/C system works both with engine off and on but does not increase or decrease speed of air coming out of the system it seems to be stuck on only low speed. This problem occurred the same time my electrical problem started and I would like to know if these problems are related. If anyone could help me with this problem I would greatly appreciate it. I have taken the vehicle to several automotive shops but no one seems to find the closest dealer is 300 miles away and would hate to take a drive in this 100 degree heat with the A/C running on low especially if my windows dont roll down. I Thank you in Advance for any help I could get.
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