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Today is Tuesday here in Canada and all the businesses are open again. The first phone call I made this morning was to a Mercedes dealership in Burlington, Ontario. They recommended a paint and body shop just down the street from me in Hamilton. I'll stop by for an estimate later this afternoon.

I spoke with the building owners this morning also. Seems they are very concerned about the amount of vandalisim occuring in the building recently. (My car was keyed, anouther car was damaged and a van stolen all in 3 days of each other) They were also aware that the camera system in the underground garage has not been working for some time and have scheduled a security firm to quote a replacement system. That makes me happy. I'll arrange repairs for when the system is inplace. $1k deductable is not something I want to incure again in the near future. ($1k in addition to what ever my rates will increase to also). Grrrr. Fustrating to say the least.

Thanks for the support, words of encouragement and advice.

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