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Keith Lucy
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I agree. On tonight's drive home, all hell broke loose. It started with the radio (of all things) cutting in and out. I thought I was just losing reception until every station started doing it. looked down at the instruments to find that ALL the lights were on now (including SRS and ABS), not soon after, the AC started blowing hot, and then the tach dropped to zero. It was 95 degrees here today, so I tried to open one of the windows and it was very slow, so I thought it was best to put it back up. I hobbled home, in the 95 degree heat (black car), with the windows up.

Once safely in my garage, I shut it off, and got the "click" you get with a dead battery. It jump starts OK, so I'll bring it in tommorow, it's only a few more miles.

Looks like the alternator to me.
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