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Aaaaaah! I miss my CD player! My Becker Europa radio comes and but the tuner knob isn't working. I want to install a new Blaupunkt Bahamas CD player like my W116 had, but the radio openings in the dashboard of the W110/W111 cars are too small to fit a modern radio/CD player. I can't install it under the dash either, as the A/C unit is there.

Part of me wants to cut the opening in the dash larger, but I don't know how I would do so and do it WELL (and I would want to be able to put the original radio back in at a later date). It would be nice if I could cut the hole larger perfectly so it looked factory, and then if I decided to go back to the original radio to put a spacer in there so it would fit in the now larger opening.

I had thought about installing a rebuilt Becker Mexico cassette deck with auxiliary port, but even those won't fit in the dashboard opening!

Look how nice the Becker Mexico cassette players look in the dash:

Too bad you have to cut the dash for them to fit. It would be nice to have one with the auxiliary port and then a portable CD player on the console.
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