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You could try something like the 'secret sound system' I put in my '60 Fintail several years ago. I didn't want to hack up my dash or interior, or have anything fancy visible to thieves. After some experimenting, I acquired a used, compact 100-watt amp - small enough to fit behind the dash, and installed it above the underdash fiberboard panel, left of the steering column.
(If you can't find that small an amp, you could install a larger 150 - 200 watt unit under one of the front seats)
I wired the amp's power to the fusebox, via a lighted power-switch mounted in the under-dash fiberboard.
I used a portable CD-player or Panasonic walkman-type FM-cassette player in the center tray, with the headphone-jack cabled to the amp's audio inputs. When the car was parked, the portable players could be hidden under a folded towel or newspaper, or secured in the glovebox or trunk.
The amp's ouput was wired to a pair of 50-watt two-way box-speakers set on the rear floor. FM signal through the portable wasn't great, but cassette or CD sound was pretty decent.
I left the vintage mono AM/FM Becker Europa in the dash - wired to it's own speaker - figuring thieves wouldn't be interested.

Happy Motoring, Mark
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