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A/C Blowing Hot and Cold Simultaneously!!

Ladies and Gents:

I just finished numerous projects on my 1989 300E: New Injectors, Fuel Filter,Oil and Filter change, and Replaced Aux Fan. During my post-maint. test drive, I turned on the A/C, and noticed that the vents are blowing cold air, through the middle two vents, and the outer vents (and center right) are blowing hot air like the heat is on full blast.

I am guessing some sort of vacuum flap problem, or perhaps some sort of heater(mono?)valve problem.

Did I unplug somthing by accident while working on the fuel distributor and injectors? Also, I disconnected and reconnected the Negative battery cable several times working on a fuel filter leak. Could I have tripped a solenoid of some type or popped some vital fuse?

Any guidance would be appreciated. The car runs beautifully with the new injectors, but it is 110 degrees in Phoenix right now! I need my A/C!! Help!!
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