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Two questions:

1. Was the engine overheated?
2. What head casting do you have?

Originally Posted by Jeremy5848 View Post
The head number is cast in the aluminum. It is on the left (driver's) side of the head and almost exactly under the air pipe that crosses over the valve cover. You don't need a mirror but a bright flashlight will help and hope that there's not too much oil and dirt. You have to look between the injector hard lines and see a little bit of the number, then shift your view and see a little bit more. The number should be 603 016 xx 01 where xx is the head revision number. AFAIK, the choices for "xx" are 14, 17, 20, and 22. The "603" means it was first used in the 603 engine; the "016" means it is part of the air intake system, and the "xx" means the revision number. I forget what the final 01 is and it could be some other number too.

The #14 heads are susceptible to cracking if overheated - if this is the case, it's not simply a question of replacing the head gasket. If the previous owner hasn't divulged all of the information, and you were just told it 'needs a headgasket' - it might need a bit more work than you were expecting. If you plan on doing the job, it should be checked for flatness and pressure tested at a machine shop.
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