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Timing Chain on the Brain (M119)

Ok I am about to do the timing chain on my E420 I have 90K miles and figure that it is time to do it now before anything breaks (my motor is making nose in the timing chain area but that is for a different post).
Edit: -----Link to other post-----
I have a few questions for the techs before I order any parts.

1. I am planning on gettting a OEM chain, is there anyother OEM parts I sould get in the system or are the aftermarket ones just as good? (I want the best quality chain that is why I am getting the OEM one)
Edit: Just talked to Phil and I am getting all OEM parts.

2. Do I need to change the oil after the chain is changed? (I would think so but I dont know)

3. I am planning on doing the change myself (I know my way around a car) the only special tool I am getting is the crimper, are their anyothers that are a must have?

4. What parts do I need (see pic, you can just list numbers), and what gasgets do I need?
(Valve cover, cam seals, spark plug seals, ect...?)
Edit: I am getting all the parts I need through Parts Shop, Phil helped me out on this one.

5. Should I do all the guides, upper and lower? (I am not affrade to do all of them, I think I should do them, but that is why I am asking the question)

Thanks in advance.
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