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Erratic ticking noise comming from water pump area, (sound clip inside)

Within the last few days my car has started to make a very worrysome noise under the hood. The sound is not normal to my motor and I has me quite worried. It sounds like there is a rock or something of the nature bouncing around in my water pump or in my timing chain cover. I do not know what it is.
I already have plans to change the timing chain in my car (90K) in the near future. If this noise is comming form my timing chain area I will do the job now.
Ok I have just a few questions,

1. Please tell me what you think noise is.

2. Can I remove the valve covers and replace them without changing the seals? (If so I will just wait untill I do the chain) Or can i replace the valve cover seals now and reuse them when I do the timing chain? (I would like to look at the timing chain, guide rails)

Ok now for the sound clips.

-----Rattle when in Park-----
-----Rattle when in Drive-----

The rattle when in Park (700 rpm) sounds almost normal, except one can pick up the noise of what sounds like a rock bouncing around in side of the motor. The noise appears about every second.

The rattle when in Drive (500 rpm) is much worse then the rattle when in park, the noise is much more frequent, it almost blends in but you can hear the noise if you listen to it. The noise is very ferquent happening many times a second.

The noise is only noticable at idel and sound particuarly bad when in Drive at at stop light or such.

BTW I do not think it is a oil tube because the noise seems to be comming form the water pump area.

Thank you for your help.

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