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Neil! I don't THINK I paid too much - I KNOW I paid too much. I took the horses out last Saturday morning 'cause they needed exercise. After a 10 mile spirited drive through a winding parkway, she started with the rough idle as I was parking at a Hardware shop. 10 minutes later, she would not start and I could smell the sulphur. Even without an interface to get a code, my mechanically experienced nose told me that the fuel mixture was too rich and flooded the engine preventing ignition and sending unspent fuel into the cats producing the sulphur type smell. I was only a mile or so from Clair Mercedes, so waited a half hour to let the fuel in the system dissipate. I started the car and held the RPMs at 1500 to keep the computer(MAS) in control of fuel management instead of the O2's at low idle. I trusted the mechanics at Clair would question a code 56 ( replace plugs, cap and rotor ) because the car only had 34.8K on the clock and checked out ok at the 30K Mi Service and don't normally need replacing until 60K (Mike from Avon made 80K before replacing his.) The O2 Sensors would have been a cheaper first test - but I should have known better with a dealer who will take the most expensive route first and work down to the least expensive item on the list last. What really irked me was the comment on an $800.00 inflated bill. "There is still an intermittant rough idle and will need more RE time to locate a cracked vacuum hose or possible leak in the vacuum system" The car is going back on the 11th to have a new Victor Sportline steering wheel installed. I am not going to say "boo" when I drop it off as I am looking forward to what their next solution to the rough idle will be - probably to jack up the horn button and put a new E500 under it;^)>

Write to your congressman and Senator and tell him/her to vote FOR S2617 and/or HR2735. Once we have the codes, we will be better armed and able to intelligently debate with the Service Technician.

royaii - If you were parked in front of me at the hardware store AND had your toolbox with you, or at least the O2 socket, my cost of exercising the horses last Saturday would have been less of a pain on my pocketbook

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