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Question HELP upshift on 300TE

I have a 88, 300 TE with 105,00 miles on it. The problem I am having is when the transmission is cold it shifts ok but not good it starts out in 2nd shifts 2-3 about 20-25, and 3-4 about 35-40, if it does not up shift right away and you let off the gas it will up shift with a hard jerk. When the transmission warms up and gets hot it will shift all over the place. Some times it will down shift into 1st when you come to a stop and then will not up shift till the speed is about 35 to 42 or you let off on the gas and it will up shift 2,3,4. When it gets into 4th the transmission seams to be fine. I have had the system flushed and new fluid put in it. The valve body was taken out to see if a value was bent or stuck. There is a small leak by the shift governor. Some times when it has been driven for an hour or so, when you stop and shut the car off it will leak a 1/2 of quart of transmission fuild out. Could the seal by the shirt governor be making it lose pressure or is it new transmission time.
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