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Rob, to fully recall how it's done (on a SD) I'd have to get dressed and go out into the dark carport in mid teen temps. I can do that tomorrow. But the best I can recall, you remove a phillips screw that sits in the cupped out part. When its loose then you can pull the entire assembly out a little. Then you can slip the trim assembly off the mechanismThen you can push the pin the holds the lever out of its position and the whole thing will slip off. That's how I recall it (been several months). I do know that I took mine off a couple of times and found it to be pretty straightforward. First time I took it off I clamped on a pair of small vice grips to operate the mechanism. Shortly thereafter I realized that replacement parts were available and affordable. So I ordered mine and replaced it. My wife was happy to see the vice grips gone. I'll see if I can find the info in the archives. If this doesn't help, pm me and I'll snap some photos.
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