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Yup blame it all on the biodiesel. It's easy to pick out. Since there are issue in his 30 year old car it must be the biodiesel. It couldn't be poor lubrication, valves out of adjustment, worn rings, an engine that hasn't been run in a good while, or anything else.
You know there are other reasons for compression number that aren't all exactly the same. When I bought my wagon it hadn't seen a drop of biodiesel, or any other biofuel and my compression numbers were all over the board. The compression numbers were as follow: 310, 295, 240, 285, and 275. Can't blame it on biodiesel so what caused it?

Please don't accuse me of not having biodiesel experience. You know nothing of my biodiesel experience. Before the economy down turn I worked for a diesel shop that specialized in biodiesel, veggie oil, and MB and VW diesel repair, which started out as a biodiesel co-op for the area I live in. I've seen and worked on more than my fair share of alternatively powered vehicles. And worked with one of the people who were part of the forefront of biodiesel being brought and produced in Northwest US. I have more biodiesel experience than most here.
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