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Like everyone else...idle problem

I did a search on "rough idle" and got a lot of posting, of course. However, it seems that the response of what to do were pretty varied, so I'm going to post in as much detail as I can what is wrong.

- Starts fine.
- Usually a rough idle. Starts out with a "jump" of sorts in the engine that is not visible on the tach. This happens every few seconds at first, but gradually turns into a shake after driving.
- Driving under 30-40, the engine feels the same, i.e. feels rough.
- This roughness sometimes goes away, but I honestly could not say when that happens, i.e. how long I've been driving, etc.
- No noticeable problems with the car is in park. Does shake when in reverse.
- Oil pressure guage jumps around with the rough idle. When driving, it's all the way up to three.
- Gas mileage is good. Probably about 300m/tank on the highway.
- Above, 30-40, car runs PERFECT.
- I just drove from New York to Ft. Lauderdale, doing 80-85 the whole way. Accept for the idle and the low speed roughness, zero problems.
- Not burning any oil.
- No noticeable leaks.

Could this be a problem with second gear start?

I obviously don't know much about these cars (new owner), so I would greatly appreciate any help. If you can, list things in the order that you would do them to elimate possible sources of the problem, from easiest to do up to just taking into the dealer.

Please give estimates on costs if you can.

I would likely go to the Pompano Beach Dealer (heard bad things about that??)
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