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Help identifying unknown hose to nowhere!

Posted this up on benzworld but thought I would add it here as well.

I pulled the car in the shop to replace the air filter and I found this black pastic hose with a rubber U shaped fitting on the end going nowhere. It comes from the radiator support area behind the passenger headlight and there's what looks to be a small translucent inline filter in this line. It runs up along the outboard edge of the air cleaner over to what I assume is the HVAC blower box and vacuum manifold and there it sits.

In the photo you can see there's a small stud mounted inside the trough next to the air filter box and this plastic hose has a small rubber lined metal hold down clip that I'm almost sure should be bolted to that stud. If the hose should be on the other side of that trough I have no idea where it goes. I've looked around behind the back of the air cleaner assembly but I can't find anything that looks like a nipple that this should attach to.

Any help on this would be appreciated, 1992 W140 w 603 engine.

Steve A

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