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Sorry I don't know where that line would attach on the end with the rubber U, but being that "It comes from the radiator support area behind the passenger headlight and there's what looks to be a small translucent inline filter in this line." it is very likely a line that once provided ambient pressure filtered air to some device that on some occasions of its operation sort of "bleeds off vacuum". There will likely be some electriclly operated solenoid valve in the vacinity of the U hose end where it should be attached. When said valve operates in the static mode normally it probably supplies constant vacuum to something, when some control wants to remove vacuum the valve operates dymanically and functions to open an orifice to ambient air pressure thereby negating the normally applied vacuum force, the filter on the end of the hose fuctions to only allow clean filtered air to bleed into the vacuum source. This would prevent dirt and debris from clogging the tube end or making it down the tube and possibly clogging the operating mechanism of some valve.
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