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Hey Steve,

The image is taken from the "EPC" - a very useful tool:

I signed up for 1 year, free. You just supply some info and a credit card (I'm not exactly sure why, they don't charge it). You might be able to find slightly more specific diagrams if you provide the VIN into the program. I provided a more generic W140 (140.134) with an OM603.971, however, there seem to possibly be differences in the years for this model which I can't discern at this moment.

The exploded diagrams seem to be pretty decent, however, they mainly just show which parts are what, not really where everything goes. The FSM diagrams from my W124 manual seems to be better, but, again they're different. I'm not sure about the W140 FSM.

Using the EPC is pretty helpful for talking directly to the parts guys at the dealership, should you choose to purchase parts there (or inquire about prices). Give it a try!

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