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According to Renntech, the 300E head will work on the 2.6 190E (I already asked) but don't expect any hp gain from it. Polishing/porting your head and a high performace cam would net you about 20 hp, a little more if you up the compression. This is what AMG and Brabus have done on their 190E performance cars. Of course AMG upped the displacement to 3.2l and Brabus upped it to 3.6, both motors were rated at 240 hp and used a 300CE auto trans.

There is nothing you can do to a 260E/190E 2.6 head to net you 100 hp, the absolute most you could expect (with stock displacement) would be 25hp and that is with upping the compression. All Brabus could squeeze out of a 3.6l motor was 240 hp, so that should say it all.

The 300SL motor would be a good choice as the earlier models used the CIS injection and put out 228 hp stock. Keep me informed as to your progress, I am a bit afraid to tackle a project like this since the ECU and wiring harness would need to be swapped as well.
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