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Originally Posted by seanarcher View Post
It is not a catalytic converter is it?
It is called a trap oxidizer i believe,or is it a particulate filter?

Either way it needs to go.Going to do this mod soon.
Did these vehicles come with that on the car before or after the dealer took off the trap in the engine bay?

Well its technical name is a Diesel Oxidation Catalyst I believe... sort of like a soot trap type of deal.

Trap Ox was mounted under the hood. Then when that proved to be a very poor idea, the trap ox was deleted and the DOC was installed below the car. There are still 603s out there with the Trap Ox, but this is not too common.

Supposedly this was only on '86 CA cars and all '87 cars. I do not know about the '90+ cars, never looked close when I had seen one in person.
I'm not a doctor, but I'll have a look.

'85 300SD 245k
'87 300SDL 251k
'90 300SEL 326k

Six others from BMW, GM, and Ford.

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