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I appreciate your time and your help. The AC came on and stayed on. Went for a ride and came back, AC still on. Changed the belt, AC still on. Don't know what's going on but for the 4th the AC's working. ..
Enjoy your holiday. I'm going to snug the belt alittle more.

NOW, the belts not quite tight but the tensioner screw keeps turning and it's not getting an tighter . If it's not on D*MN thing it's another..

Anyway, enjoy the 4th everyone...

Of course the tensioner adjuster is stripped. Ordered a new one should be here by Tuesday, Wednesday the latest.

One thing that I've learned, with this car (has over 200k mi.) didn't get the history from the previous owner, so I've been changing just about everything at some point. Whomever purchases this car from me down the line won't have to many problems, that's for sure.

PS: Also glad that my brother's a mechanic and I'm somewhat intelligent , that I catch on pretty quick when it comes to saving money especially with my brother not being there to assist me all of the time . You will learn how to fix your own car..
1986 300E

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