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Mark Elrod
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Unhappy Emissions...AGAIN

Well, it is that time of year for me here in Georgia, the annual emissions test. I have a 1985 500SEC, US car, all original, 210,000 miles, great shape, 22+mpg, less than 1 quart in 5000miles, all systems fully functional, NEW reduction catalyst and NEW converter catalyst.

Problem, Georgia tests this car for all emissions including NOx. This car has NO EGR system. No not removed, never installed, no valve, no port, no bleed tube, no EGR, simple. It WILL NOT PASS the NOx part of the test. Temperatures are good, even the emissions repair stations say there is no problem with the car, it just will not meet the spec.

We tested the car on the dyno in 2nd gear so the cats would be hot enough to function, it helped greately but still missed the spec by 50%. All adjustment are at factory specs, all components functions as built. Last year i riched up the fuel so bad that we drounded the NOx out, it passed the emissions test, but ran so poorly that it failed to get me home(1.5 miles!)

HELP! I am ready to try most anything at this point.
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