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Glow plug light comes on but plugs don't work...

If anybody has any pointers on this I'd greatly appreciate it...

The dashboard glow light comes on per normal but does not turn off -plugs are not heating.
I pulled what I believe is the relay off and cleaned the contacts, checked all fuses, etc. (on my '76 300d the relay sits under a fuse bracket on the driver's side, yes?)
The car started after this, though I'm not entirely sure I really did anything.
Ran fine for an afternoon and a 20 mile drive but once again, a glow light and no start the next day.
Also, I have a frayed short ground wire on what I assume is a thermostat (2" blk cap that screws into side of block, wire goes to 1st GP)

I realize that this is all probably very elementary, but once again, I've never worked on GP's previously.
Anyone have any starter advice as how to go through the system?
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