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Originally Posted by mplafleur View Post
I just did this last month. It's not bad to just pull the head.

First and most important:

Hand turn engine to TDC (leave it there and NEVER move it!)

Let's see, remove these...

Fan and cowling (no need to remove radiator)
Fan belt and belt tensioner
Vacuum pump
Crossover intake pipe
EGR valve body and related stuff
Injector lines (leave injection pump in place!)
Intake manifold
Glow plug wires, sensor wires
Timing chain tensioner (the whole thing, not just the center!)
Fuel line to and from the injection pump
Bracket holding the spin-on filter (pull the whole thing off to the side)
Aluminum heat shield between turbo and coolant expansion tank
Unbolt the turbo bracket from the head (I left the turbo in place)
Valve cover

Mark the cam sprocket and chain. (you don't have to, but it's easier if you do)
Unbolt cam sprocket and gently tap it off the cam. Once it is off, you can remove the sprocket and then what I did is tie-wrap the chain to the banana shaped chain tensioner rail to the left of the chain. If the chain falls in, it can be pulled back up, it's not going to loose it's timing.

There is a timing chain guide in the head that needs to be removed by removing two pins in the head. A bolt threaded in to the pins with some washers/bolts (with a hole larger than the pin). I used to use the bolt method, but now use a pin puller tool.

Like one of these:

You will have to untie the chain to get the guide rail out of the head.

Now the camshaft can be removed. Unscrew bearing cap bolts 1, 5 and 6. Now loosen bearing cap bolts 2, 3, 4, and 7 one turn each until counterpreassure is reduced. Remove cam and now the head bolts can be removed in the opposite order of tightening. So loosen them from the two ends moving inward to the center of the head. Don't forget to remove the two allen head cap bolts inside the head next to the timing chain.

Use two intake manifold bolts and bolt the bracket that was on the manifold for lifting the engine back onto the head.

I hope I didn't forget anything, but the head can now be removed.
thank you for all the info pulled the hed last night and all went fine. your info was better then alldata.
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