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Originally Posted by shadetreemechan View Post
This is plastic, just like the original, but it does not include the metal outer shell. My chrome outer shell is fine. I just smashed the plastic part.
These guys offer exchange only warranty. Has anyone out there bought one?
Hi These plastic inserts are usually in the $15-$20 range - so $10 is a good price - but they are making it up with excessive shipping fees. It likely does not come with the thin chrome molding strips which might run another $15 or $20 if yours are bent up.

You might want to shop around some. I bought the whole grill (replacement brand) for $49 - which included the plastic insert, the thin molding strips and the chrome metal shell. I just had to change over the star & grill badge. It not OE quality but still looks pretty good. Also shipping was free since my total order amount qualified for free ground shipping.
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