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Thanks for that micalk .

So I tried to take the front cover off the pump while it was still on the engine. The screws were stuck tight so I grabbed them with vice grips to break them loose. That worked all right except for the last one which the head broke off of.

So the plan changed to complete pump removal. To get that off I found it far easier to remove the power steering pump, which I had already had to loosen to remove the belt, instead of draining the coolant and removing the top rad hose. I strongly suggest removing the bottom fastner by the crank sensor first as if you leave it till last the pump spring will fight you on every turn. The broken screw had to be drilled to remove the cover. All new fastners were procured, unfortunately I found that when I got them home they had three different heads (phillips, robertson, and slot) the next guy to take them off will shoot me.

After that everything is obvious except for the piston removal. With the help of someone you can push down on the pump casing with something underneath the rocker arm so as to relieve the tension on the piston nut. The second set of hands are to remove the nut while the first compresses the spring. Installation is the reverse.

Many thanks for all the assistance guys.
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