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There is no cast iron version of your head. I have to wonder myself if one could have been manufactured and made to work if mercedes tried. Usually a number 17 0r 22 head is located if possible for a replacement.

They can be cracked too just less likely. The cheapest source might be a pick and pull if you have any. Or advertise in our parts wanted forum. Ocassionally available on ebay used as well.

You will have to check in the archives but above a certain casting number there is machine work involved I think. Plus you have to have the newer style hard injection lines. The number fouteen head has gone a tremendous distance on some cars. I think it is just more fragile than the later head numbers.

These engines do not want even one good overheating. So make sure all components in the cooling system are in really good shape after you install a replacement head. It would be a shame to lose another head to an old radiator hose for example.
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