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Originally Posted by gbright View Post
The long term reliability of the 5 cylinder diesel up to 1985 is a wonder to behold... ! I know about these motors and that they will run and run. Had a couple!

A change in my home location and an ill colleague suddenly means I am needing to drive about 900 miles a week--180 miles a day with a not great back. The 92 S seats are really good for the old back (!) ... but the 6 cylinder motor--don't know enough.

I am seriously considering an S300SD with 127k miles. Exceptionally clean, good maintenance records and driven daily.

I have heard conflicting reports on the 92 300SD and its head gasket. Some say that once the new version head gasket is installed the motor will go well into 300,000 miles + ... others say if there are no oil leaks by now, it is reasonable to say, this car is not going to need the $2000 head job.

I would really love to hear from those who have experience with this 6 cylinder and/or who know about the motor. Your knowledge and help will be great appreciated about this motor.

Cheers, Grant
If the price was low enough you could drive it while locating the older three litre six cylinder and change the engine when/if it fails down the road.

Some people have built up good milage totals with no difficulty. In general this is not the case though. Also check if the car may already have a replacement engine from mercedes under the hood. Mercedes changed a lot of them. If not almost all.

The replacement engines fair a little better but the underlying problem was never really eliminated. The problem is non existant on the older three litre blocks .Basically the same engine casting with smaller cylinder bores.

When the 3.5 engine fails it is gradual failure with lots of warning it is underway. This allows you to do the engine change out on a less urgent basis. From the start of the problem until the engine will no longer run perhaps is a six month time frame on average.

This is just a very loose estimate depending on miles driven by the owner and others experience. Usually the resale price of a good example turns a blind eye to the problem. Or the person has been informed it is underway and dumps the car.

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