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I actually spoke with the service advisor yesterday and here is what I decided:

1. I would have them deal with the radiator. The primary reason is that I have a dog that I still like, and dogs and anti-freeze do not mix.
2. I had them do the oil-pan leak and oil pressure sending unit.
3. I had them do the brake flush, power steering flush, and rear diff.
4. The big item I had them do was the transmission - it was leaking near the control module.

All in all about $1600. I know it is a bit of money, but worth it to me as I paid relatively little for the car. I do love the car and I will keep it for at least another 10 years if at all possible. Besides, I could easily spend the $1600 for tags alone in Colorado for a new(er) car. I will do the rest of the items myself (including the engine mounts hopefully).

I was wondering if the CD that the dealer sells covers these items?
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