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Hope everything works out for ya.

As for the XG350, I agree. It will blow your socks off it is so smooth and quiet. Close your eyes and I guarantee you'd you think you're in a Lexus.

I rented one when I flew into New Jersey last month. It was late at night, and honest to God, I thought it was the new Lincoln LS.

Loaded my bags in, drove to Edison, New Jersey to the Sheraton Hotel. The whole way there I was admiring the high quality interior and the smooth power delivery of the engine. I was thinking to myself that Lincoln sure did a nice job with the LS! I was thinking that the Americans finely built something that is surely competitive with the likes of the Japanese (but not MB).

When I arrived at the hotel and opened the trunk to retrieve my bags, I didn't recognize the badge on the trunk, and then it hit me: a Hyundai! I couldn't believe it!

I know it's not a Mercedes, but trust me, drive one and you won't believe how nice it is.

The Koreans are beyond catching up. They have easily leap-frogged the Americans, and are right there with the Japanese.
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