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resoldering question for a/c type II

hi larry,
thanks so much for your input and i'm really proud to hear from
you, the king of the diesels!!
some short questions for you, as i have no experience with
resoldering so far:

- is an 25W or a 40W soldering iron better? i don't wanna ruin

- to describe my situation: my acc didn't work at all (1980 300D),
but i fixed all the vacuum nightmare and made it all work, but:
the auxiliary water pump won't come on in heating mode, but
i need heating as well (in winter at least). the pump itself works
great, and reading all the postings in the forum i figured out that
a damage in the climate control unit is the most likely problem
here. i attatch a picture in this mail, indicating the 5pushbutton
switch, or the electronic device behind it, asking you: IS THIS
would be just fabulous!

anyways, i am little afraid - not of all the work to do - but of
ruining anything that i've already fixed. everything works just
great, besides that *** aux. water pump, but maybe you know
what to do best....

thanks so much in advance, i'm looking to hearing from you!

best regards, t.
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1980 300D, 156K
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