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1996 SL500 Repair estimatesw

I have the 1995 SL and all of the work that you have to do is very expensive if you are not able to do yourself. Here are a few tips: you can find a/c compressor on ebay but I would urge caution in the unit and individual you might buy from. The cost to replace a unit a second time will outweigh the original cost. Ask me why I know later. Polar Bear (online) will repair YOUR unit for $269 plus shipping. You will also need to change additional parts in the system when you change the compressor. The evaporator/heater core remobval and replacement is a 24 hr job that requires removal of the dash and other pieces in the engine compartment for access. I used CryoSeal in my system to fix a leak in the evaporator. You have listed many repairs that are needed. Check Craigslist in your area for MBZ mechanics who work off the clock or check your local joint vocational school to see if they will do brakes and such. My local JVS did the easy stuff for me for the cost of parts and I found an ASE certified mechanic at $35 per hour to do or help with the hard stuff. You will have a number of additional electrical issues to deal with (I have to tell you this unfortunately) I will bet that your main engine wiring harness is toast and will need to be replaced along with the starter/alternator wiring harness and the electronic throttle wiring or possibly the throttle itself. I have found the wiring online at a fraction of the cost of the dealer and reman outfits to repair the throttle body. All of these are DIY projects if you have some basic knowledge. Distributor caps, rotors and wires can bankrupt you too but look online or email back to me at and I will give you a list of low cost parts suppliers and some numbers for folks that have vehicles available for parts. Peach Parts is another source I have used for my car parts source. Good Luck, be patient and search for help and parts availability. Bye the Bye, I replaced my own radiator thermostat and radiator flush. The thermostat change is difficult without the correct tools for accessing one of the bolts. I also found a garage that rents the lift to enable me to do work under the car. Good Luck. Steve
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