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300ce....IT'S ALIVE!!!! IT'S ALIVE!!!!!

Well gang seems like the 99th time was the charm. As I'm sure you know if you follow this board,I'm the guy with the 300ce that developed a bad miss 1 week after doing a top end rebuild and timing chain( car ran great for 1 week) When dead cylinder first started the first thing I did was look to the dealer for a replacement wire set. I was told there no longer avail as a set and that I had to purchase the wire & ends and make up the set myself. This was after ordering 2 wrong wire set from dealer. Well I wasnt happy with them and told them so. The parts manager got involved who in turn involved the service manager. I was told by the service manager the wires very rarely go bad and if it does it's just 1 wire and not the whole set. So to appease me he rang out the wire set (after 2 wrong sets I took them with me) I was told the wires all rang in under 2 ohms and to look at fuel delivery for the fault. He also stated since I had taken the intake off the car it was very likly I knocked some sediment loose and may have clogged an injector. This made sense to me. I then replaced the fuel filter,removed tested and cleaned injectors,replaced injector seals , removed cleaned and tested the fuel regulator. After putting car back together it did seem better but the miss was still there at low r.p.m.'s. I again turn to you guys for more ideas. And was ready to throw in the towel. My brother came for a rare visit today (he rebuilds heads for a machine shop in north jersey) I told him of my woes. His idea was to start back at square one...ignition....much to my amazement he found a small pin hole in the sparkplug boot. Although the wire rung out at 2 ohms the spark will follow the path of least resistance. And becouse plug boot was shorting out, the fuel wasnt being burned off, sending raw fuel into exhaust system causing 02 sensor to lean out the good cylinders compounding the situation. Well we patched up the faulty boot(until new boots can be purchased) and car is 100 percent better then ever. Well thanks for all sticking this out with me, I feel I've made new friends and will keep an eye for others in need who my benifit from my hard learned leasons. ed
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