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It's whatever on the bolt. I just need to find an extractor. Which i don't think I have.

Maybe i'll get lucky. Grandpa had the oddest collection of tools. Like seriously why would he buy 2 complete weller soldering iron kits? And I have a 1950s era staple gun that is completely cast in chrome. CHROME!

Any other types I can try before I go to the barn and look for an extractor to pull that son of a bolt out? There is a little bit of metal I can grab on to. I dropped the mount, but I feel like I might need to just give in and pull it off of the differential.

Funny how being cheap cost me the bolt I'm kinda worried I over torqued the axle spacer bolt since I didn't use (or own) a torque wrench.
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Going back to the original post: "Can you get the vac to blow instead?" No. Vacuums are low pressure so they by nature "suck" and nature abhors them.
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