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Originally Posted by BodhiBenz1987 View Post
Monday morning QB here ... definitely get one. You can get a decent one for not that expensive at Harbor Freight or Sears. I recently sheared off a motor mount bolt because I was too dumb to USE the torque wrench I had sitting in my garage. It was a HUGE PITA to get out. I think the money for a torque wrench is worth just knowing nothing major is on too tight or too loose.
I ended up buying one too, but it only goes up to 80 ft/ lbs and worse it doesn't have Nm on it. Some weird Kg markings.

That and using the locking nut is a pain. I just hate it. Maybe i'll learn one day. I do remember seeing your thread too.

I'm going to pull the wheels off tomorrow and make sure it's torqued correctly. I don't want to go onto the highway to have the bolt sear off or something like that.
Originally Posted by Yak View Post
Going back to the original post: "Can you get the vac to blow instead?" No. Vacuums are low pressure so they by nature "suck" and nature abhors them.
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