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Originally Posted by okyoureabeast View Post
It's whatever on the bolt. I just need to find an extractor. Which i don't think I have.
Get a stud extractor like the ones pictured in this link.

I just had to drop the differential to replace the SLS lines. One of the bolts holding the mount to the floor was broken already when I started; I snapped of two more while trying to remove them. So I ended up extracting three broken studs, replacing them all with grade 10 hardware.

I got a somewhat similar set of the external-type extractors from Sears. Using a 3/8-inch rachet and 10-inch extension, I was able to press the extractor hard against the broken bolt stub. Once the extractor got some bite onto the bolt end, it was easy to crank it out.

Oops, here's a better example of the type of extractor I used:

One thing to keep in mind: the threads the bolt screws into are not in the body itself, but in a metal strip that fits inside the body channel. Screw the other bolt on that side of the mount tight to hold the strip fast so you can apply force effectively.
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