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Originally Posted by long-gone View Post
It's a little hard to figure out what you're saying, even harder since you don't use periods or capital letters. All I can add here is the starter (or wiring to it) might overheat and smoke if the engine is jammed for some reason and the starter can't turn it - or - it might smoke if there is a short somewhere in the starter circuit.
Once again, I'd turn the motor (clockwise) by hand with a socket on the crankshaft and see if it can move freely so you can determine if the problem is mechanical or electrical.

BTW, as far as know, you can't hit the (chain?) tensioner with the head, I don't understand you there.
Sorry about the spelling. When i replaced my bad valve on the car when we were replacing the head we acidently hit the timing chain guide the "black plastic peice" when we were lining the head up to be tightened back down. There is a chance it could have cracked. Its kind of hard to explain, but if the timing guide did break could the timing chain skipped a tooth causing the engine to jame or would it still crank if that happened? i will also try turning the crank by had just dont have a big enough socket at the moment lol it kind of sucks i was happy id final be able to drive my baby then this happened it sucks
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