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I decided the cruise switch was the culprit, so $28.00 later and a couple days - thanks to PartsShop- my new switch arrived today. Spent about an hour gutting the column and replacing the switch, with excellent results. Cruise works perfectly once again.

While I had the steering wheel off, I think I also tracked down the cause of the intermittent SRS MIL I was experiencing. Seemed everytime the interior of the car got over 125*F, the SRS lamp would stay on. What I found was one of the 4 spring loaded contacts for the air bag would stick and not fully extend like the others. Cleaning the assembly with contact cleaner and working the contact in/out repeatedly has freed it up.

Interior of the car was almost 145*F when I rolled it into the garage to gut the column, and the column parts were still hot to the touch upon reassembly. The SRS lamp was only lit for the requisite 10 seconds. We'll see how long this lasts.
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