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It's a little involved. If the blower is inop, you'll want to check the fuse for it, it's not in with the rest of the fuses, it's in a small plastic box on the left inner fender by the top of the strut tower.
'Course if it's blown, maybe that means you need the blower anyways, you'd want to check the amperage draw of the motor before deciding what you need to do.
The blower is mounted in the underhood area, kind of "under" the wiper assembly. You need to remove the air intake and then the wiper motor assembly. You're working in close proximity of the windshield itself, and carelessness will lead to a broken windshield. Once the wiper motor is off, you will be looking at the top of the blower case. The lid of the case is retained by several sheetmetal clips which are riveted to the housing itself, so you can just pry them off and they will stay retained to the case-real easy. The lid can be removed and you'll see the motor. The motor is in the center and there is a "hamster wheel" type fan on each side of the motor on a common shaft. The whole shebang is held down by a very large retaining strap in the center of the motor.
Not too hard to remove it, but kind of hard to re engage, you need to make sure the new motor is mounted exactly where it belongs or the strap simply won't latch, it's very tight. There is a small hole in the end of the retaining strap which I usually go to work on with a large pick to help get in re engaged.
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